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The Cost of Epoxy Water Pipe Lining

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What is the Cost of Lining My Copper Water Pipes Under the Foundation and Does My Insurance Company Pay For Epoxy Lining?

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How Much Does Whole Copper Water Pipe Relining With Epoxy Cost?

The cost to coat all of the piping in a home typically costs about the same amount as a traditional copper repipe. The difference is with a copper repipe you get all new piping while an epoxy lining only coats the interior of the existing piping. Flow issues, banging pipes are not typically addressed. The epoxy lining does mean that secondary damages are reduced and in some cases eliminated altogether.

Is Epoxy Coating to Seal a Water Leak Cheaper than a Traditional Repair?

Normally this is about the same cost unless the flooring where the leak is occurring is expensive (marble-granite-etc).

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover the Cost of the Epoxy Repair?

No. Homeowner’s insurance usually does not cover the cost of epoxy lining. Epoxy lining is pipe maintenance and prevention. These are items that are usually not covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover the Cost of a Whole House Epoxy Lining?

No, it does not. Homeowner’s insurance covers sudden leaks and damages from those sudden leaks. It covers electronic leak detection, line location, uncovering the leak or wall to cover the manifold and replacement of those uncovered portions of the home. Pipe repair is no covered.

Exceptions to the Rule

It seems that every time a rule is made an exception to that rule is made. I like the phrase “You are always wrong when you say always and you are never right when you say never”. I have seen insurance policies pay for items that are not covered and I have seen insurance companies refuse to pay for things that are covered. The adjuster has a lot to do with what the insurance will and won’t cover. You also can have a lot to do with what the insurance company will and won’t cover in your home. The squeaky wheel does tend to get oiled.



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