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Can Post Tension Slab Leaks Be Repaired?

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Yes, We Can Fix Water Leaks Under Post Tension Slabs

If you are told that your slab cannot be accessed because it is a Post Tension Slab you have not been told the truth.

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Post tension slab leak detection and repair
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The Pictures That You See On This Page Are Examples of Post Tension Cable Repair

These pictures are from right here in Southern California.Fixing a post tension slab leak. Under ground leak.

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None of these repairs were the result of fixing a water leak below a post tension slab. Quite frankly we have never broken a post tension cable when performing electronic leak detection and slab leak repair. The cables are relatively simple to locate and they are relatively far apart with an average span of about 24 inches. This leaves us with plenty of room to perform our work and not come in contact with the cable.

Fixing a sla leak under a post tension slabThe concrete is usually 14 inches thick in a post tension residential foundation. This Repairing a slab leak under a post tension foundationmeans a lot more jack hammer work than what occurs when repairing a slab leak under a standard foundation.



It is a tale of ignorance and a profound lack of education on the part of the plumber that tells you that they are not allowed to open a post tension slab. The sign in your garage that says to not open the slab is there so that the uneducated don't do things without the proper amount of caution.

In the very rare event (never so far) that a post tension cable is damaged we can get the proper company out to repair the damages. It is really not a huge deal.


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Less than 1/2 of all the Electronic Leak Detections we perform are actually leaks under concrete.


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