6 of the Smartest Reasons to Choose Us to Fix or Replace Your Sewer and Drain System.

1. Client Trust Guarantee-

Your sewer and drain cleaning plumber will have passed a criminal background check, a civil background check and will be highly trained. They will already be held to the highest standards in the industry. Less than 1% of all plumbers and drain cleaners that apply to work here are ever even introduced to our demanding training process.

2. Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Guarantee-

If your sewer system doesn't drain exactly the way it is suppose to or any plumbing repair develops a water leak, we will do anything to make it right, including completely re-doing the work, paying for any damages or refunding your money. You are in charge with your plumbing guarantees.

3. Up Front Client Advantage Pricing-

You will always know the exact amount of your plumbing, sewer and drain investment before you make it so that you will not be confronted by any surprises and your plumbing, sewer and drain system will be Fixed Right or it's Free.When we say your sewer system or your drain system is fixed...it's fixed...or it's our dime. We put our money where our mouth is. There is no such thing as false guarantees and false pricing here.

4. Excellent Service Hours-

our call will be answered live by one of our sewer and drain friendly office staff Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm and on Saturday from 8am to 5pm.

5. Big Enough to Provide the Best Service and Small Enough to Still Care-

Enjoy a free sewer camera and find out if your drain cleaning really was a drain cleaning or if it needs to be done again. We have all the latest technology at our fingertips to ensure that we do the job right the first time. It's guaranteed.

6. 100% Money Back Guarantee-

f we fail, we'll make it right, even refunding all of your investment.

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Free Second Opinions-

If you have had another plumbing contractor to your home and they told you something that you either think might not be correct or you just want another opinion, give us a call. It's free and this includes a free camera of your sewer system. Click Here for Coupon

Free In Home Estimates

We come to your owner occupied home for a free in person estimate for your plumbing repairs. We will even spend up to 30 minutes diagnosing your plumbing problems at no charge whatsoever to you.

Concrete Guarantee-

Does your existing plumber expect to get paid just for showing up at your door and then paid again when their plumbing work or drain cleaning work doesn't function later? Are you tired of paying twice for the same work? Does your existing drain cleaning plumber give you a concrete guarantee, the kind of guarantee that stops the instant their back wheels leave your concrete driveway?

Surprise Sticker Shock-

Are you fed up with watching your plumber work on repairing the sewer only to be hit up with an enormous bill after the work is done? Does feeling obligated to pay a huge bill after the plumbing work is done bother you? Does mystery pricing of your plumbing repairs confuse and annoy you?

Beepers and Answering Machines-

Does frustration well up when your drain system is clogged, when your toilet overflows or or kitchen sink is backed up? Do drain stoppages get in the way of living your life? Do roots in your main sewer line cause a stoppage in your daily routine. Is talking to a plumbing company's answer machine or beeper during the day, and getting a promise to call back instead of a confirmed appointment, something you look forward to?

Poor Lip Service-

Are you tired of listening to false plumbing promises and promises of great drain service using the latest high technology sewer and drain cleaning equipment only to end up with mediocrity here in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County?

Poor Performance-

Are you tired of hearing how good your new plumbing system will drain, but then finding out it doesn't do any better than the old system?

Beepers and Answering Machines-

We here at the Empire Family of Services off the best drain cleaning and the best sewer cleaning services. It doesn't matter if your kitchen sink is clogged up, your toilet is clogged up or your laundry is clogged up. Our drain cleaning pro's can help you get through any drain and sewer cleaning problem in a fast and painless way, both in time and in money.

Our primary focus is your convenience, safety and health. With two hour service windows 6 days a week, no overtime ever, we can meet you at your home at the appointed time for your home drain clearing needs. We will meet your time table for your sewer repairs today, guaranteed. No rooter company does rooter work better.

Picking out a home repair company and home repair drain cleaner doesn't have to be difficult. Your drain cleaner should be neat, clean and on time. You home repair should go on without a hitch and most of all, your home repair drain cleaner should guarantee their home repair and their drain cleaning. A new sewer, a new drain, a drain stoppage repair doesn't have to cost you an arm a leg. We offer free estimates for drain cleaning, plumber work, new sewer systems, new drain systems, sewer repair, drain repair, drain replacement, drain replacement, sewer clogs, drain clogs, rooter work, sewer stoppages, drain stoppages, water heater replacement and leak repair.

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We here at the Empire Family of Services offer the finest plumbing service and repair in Southern California. With our highly trained journeyman plumbers and our friendly office staff we strive to ensure that your plumbing resolutions are on time, neat, clean and under budget.

Our primary focus is your convenience and safety. With two hour service windows 6 days a week, no overtime ever, we can meet you at your home at the appointed time for your home plumbing repair. We will meet your time table for your plumbing service, guaranteed.