We Solve All Plumbing Problems, Most on the Initial Visit.

Very few plumbing companies even have plumbers working for them, and even fewer companies have training programs. We have plumbers, not techs. We take pride in employing journeyman level plumbers and not service techs. There is a significant difference between the two – experience, knowledge, and training. This translates into your home plumbing being repaired better, faster and with less expense. We are more affordable plumbers. The typical mistakes the service tech causes who only have 1 or 2 years’ experience are not made here and we pass those savings on to you.

Criminals in Contractor Clothing

We perform criminal background checks on all of our plumbers before they become our plumbers. It’s important not to have convicted felons in your home. We also perform frequent and regular drug testing. Unlike most companies, felons will never be able to work for us and those felons will never be sent into your home by us. Illegal drug use is a real problem in the industry and we’ve addressed it for you. I am proud to say that this is a drug free company. Is this something that is important to you when thinking of hiring a plumber?

Wait and See While the Bill Skyrockets

Most pretend plumbers show up and tend to muddle around not knowing what they are doing. Our experienced plumbers stay on the cutting edge of technology, technology that helps to lower the cost of doing business so that we can have low, low Rates. The Empire Family of Services is not satisfied with being just another plumbing and slab leak detection company. Our own in house training facility ensures that our plumbers, your plumbers, are skilled in the latest electronic leak detection methods, plumbing repair methods and drain cleaning equipment so we can serve more of your needs in a quick and more affordable manner. Once you have experienced our services, plumbing professionalism, and old time plumber craftsmanship, we are confident that you will nev

Wait and See While the Bill Skyrockets

When we say your plumbing and drains are fixed…they are fixed…or it’s our dime. We put our money where our mouth is. There is no such thing as false plumbing guarantees here.

Fixed Correctly or it's Free

If your plumbing doesn’t do exactly what we say it will, we will do anything to make it right, including re-piping, re-plumbing or refunding your money.

Performance Guarantee

You will always know the exact amount of your plumbing investment before you make it so that you will not be confronted by any surprises.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If we fail, we’ll make it right, even to the point of refunding all of your investment. You are safe and so is your plumbing.

Our Average Plumbing Repair Service Call is Less Than $100.

We here at the Empire Family of Services offer the finest plumbing service and repair in Southern California. With our highly trained journeyman plumbers and our friendly office staff we strive to ensure that your plumbing resolutions are on time, neat, clean and under budget.

Our primary focus is your convenience and safety. With two hour service windows 6 days a week, no overtime ever, we can meet you at your home at the appointed time for your home plumbing repair. We will meet your time table for your plumbing service, guaranteed.