7 Very Smart Reasons to Choose Us to Fix, Replace or Upgrade to Your Tank Less Water Heater

Why people Choose us for Tank Less Water Heaters Here in Southern California… Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside.

All of these tank less water heater installation pictures are from websites bragging about how good a job they do. Unfortunately these bragging plumbers don’t pull the required city permits and don’t know the plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes. All these pictures are from tank less water heater installations here in Southern California. Save yourself the headaches, always insist upon a permit.

Improper Installation Electrical

The electrical disconnect box used for this 120v tank less water heater is a 220v air conditioning disconnect and the cord is for interior use only. The cord will fray and decompose in the sunlight (UV rays) over the years and pose and electrocution hazard. The insulation used is not UV stable and will fall apart within a couple of years. The sides and the top of the electrical installation are not sealed against moisture damage.

This job was obivously not permited and could very cause a mold and mildew problem as well as an electrocution hazard. This installation was doomed from the day it was installed.

 Tank less water heater repairs needed

Improper Installation – Gas Lines

Horrible Installation. The gas lines are not even close to big enough to satisfy the demand of these two tank less water heaters. There are no temperature pressure relief valves installed and, if something goes wrong, these tank less water heaters could become bombs big enough to blow right through the roof. There is no water catch pan under these units. Eventually all water heaters will leak and when these do, the house will be suffer a great deal of water damage.

This is the reason why we pull permits. This tankless water heater installation was doomed from the day it was installed.

City Code Violations – Real Estate Transaction Stoppage

Realestate law has changed over the years. If you install a tank less water heater and fail to have it inspected it can now stop the sale of your home. During the inspection process before you sell your home, this year, next year or 10 years from now, the inspector can ask you to prove that the tank less water heater was inspected and certified installed correctly, safely and up too code by the city inspector. If it is not you can be required to have it inspected at that time or you must disclose the code violations in real estate transaction. Codes and efficiencies change and you will be required to bring that tank less water heater installation up to current code, even if it means repaling it will a new one.

 Tank less water heater repairs needed

Lack of Performance-The Math That They Don’t Know and Won’t Tell You

Gas movement is a matter of math and tables. As a plumber we don’t even have that much math to do. The gas tables say that a 1/2 gas line can handle 174,000 btu’s at a maximum length of 10 feet and only 119,000 btu’s at maximum length of 20 feet. This tank less heater is sloppily installed with a 1/2 gas line. This tank less water heaterand has a maximum btu range of 199,000 btu’s. It will never perform up to it’s potential. The insulation used is flamable and is too close to the vent creating a fire danger.

Not pulling a permit on this job could very well cost the homeowners, not only a cold shower, but their lives as well.

Lack of Guarantees-Lifetime Parts Guarantee*

Every control part on every water heater that we install comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials, defects in installation and defects in operation. The water heater gas valve, the water heater temperature pressure relief valve, the incoming and outgoing water pipes, the burners and every other part in under a lifetime guarantee. The competition….they usually give you 90 days parts and labor and no one gives you this kind of rock solid guarantee except us.

 Tank less water heater repairs needed

Sloppy Unprofessional Work

There is no way to disconnect the electrical system, a code and safety violation. The gas line is undersized, horrible supported and the water lines are improperly insulated on this very poor tank less water heater installation. The temperature pressure relief line is not terminated properly and in the event of an emergency will dump steaming hot water and steam in fromt of the electrical controls most likley terminally damaging them and endangering anybody trying to turn this tank less water heater off.

The most important day in the life of your tank less water heater is the day that it is installed.
Never Pay a Single Penny for Any Repair Again – This is how….*

All of our guarantees are dependent upon proper maintenance and operation. All water heaters, tank less water heaters especially, are required by the manufacturer’s to have regular yearly service. Given that this is the case, we offer yearly maintenance in the form of our Ultimate Service Agreement. This Ultimate Plumbing Service Agreement gives you the following benefits:
1. Front of the line service
2. Discounts on Future Service Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical
3. Service within 24 Hours or we pay you (No Frustration Guarantee)

Brand Does Matter

Many tank less water heaters are no longer manufactured in the United States where quality control is job 1. We can install any brand of tank less water heater that we want to, but we choose Noritz. The reason that we choose Noritz tank Less Water Heaters is because of extremely high quality and they come with outstanding factory support and great guarantees.

Always a Free In Home Estimate for Owner Occupied Homes

The only true way to give a true and accurate estimate is to see the water heater that needs to be replaced. This is because codes have changed over the years, water heaters have grown in complexitcy and a great many water heaters have been installed improperly. Gas lines tend to be undersized, proper electrical connections are not used or are installed improperly and perhaps more than any other reason, the vent assembly through the roof is poorly adapted to leaving a great amount of carbon monoxide lurking in and around the tank less water heater like sickness on a cold winter’s day. These corrections do add to the investment of the new tank less water heater when they are installed correctly, but installed incorrectly, a tank less water heater can be a magnet of financial liability for a homeowner. All water heaters will leak sooner or later, so the question really is, what will happen when the water heater leaks? Is it going to cause damage? The insurance mold claim from a leaking water heater here in the State of California now exceeds $25,000 per occurrence. This is why your water heater needs to be installed by a qualified plumber, not a technician, not a handyman and not by someone lurking in and around a home center parking lot. Your life, your home and your wallet are at risk when a water heater is installed improperly. We see it every week.

Our prices are always fair.

We continue to grow our business one satisfied customer at a time. We will never take advantage of a plumbing emergency. Your plumbing referral is important to us and that is only one of the many reasons why we will always work to ensure your complete satisfaction. When you choose Empire Tank less Water Heaters, expect top quality tank less water heater service at an extremely affordable price.

Permits are Required for Every Tank Less Water Heater

The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) is a set of safety instructions that are designed to ensure that your  tank less water heater is installed safely and operates properly for the longest time. All tank less water heater installations require a city or county permit for installation. The city inspector will come to your home and certify that the tank less water heater has been installed correctly, that it is up to code and that it will operate safely for the length of the it’s lifetime. I don’t know why any individual company doesn’t want to pull permits and have their work inspected and certified safe, but I do know that the only reason that I can come up with is to skimp on materials and skimp on labor and I know that these things are all to your disadvantage. If your tank less water heater plumbing contractor tells you that your plumbing does not require a permit or that your permit doesn’t need to be inspected and certified that it is installed properly, you should run, not walk, away from that tank less water heater contractor. It is illegal, it is wrong and it will cost you the proper operation of your water heater. Do you really want to pay full price for a job half done? Protect yourself, protect your family and protect your property by insisting that the city inspector certify that your tank less water heater is safe. Always require an installation permit.

Our factory trained, licensed plumbers

have many years of tank less water heater experience and will always take the time to help you in deciding which type of and size of tank less water heater is best for you and your family.

We not only carry and install tank less hot water heaters but also offer high efficiency, tank type hot water heaters.