7 Of the Best Reasons to Choose Us as Your Trusted Electrical Repair Repair People. We are here to help.

1. Your Electrical Systems Will Be Fixed Correctly or it's Free-

When we say your electrical or lighting system is fixed...it's fixed...or it's our dime. We put our money where our mouth is. There is no such thing as false electrical and lighting guarantees here.

2. Excellent Electrical Repair Service Hours-

Your call will be answered live by one of our friendly office staff Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm and on Saturday from 8am to 5pm.

3. 80% Electrical Utility Savings Guarantee-

Your new High Efficicieny Lighting will be at least 400% efficient and will reduce your electrical lighting overpayments by at least 80% or we will pay you twice the difference.

4. Client Trust Guarantee-

Your electrician will be drug free, background checked, highly trained and will already be held to the highest standards in the industry. Less than 1% of all applicants are ever even introduced to our rigorous training process.

5. Up Front Advantage Pricing-

You will always know the exact amount of your investment before you make it so that you will not be confronted by any surprises.

7. Performance Guarantee-

If your system doesn't do exactly what we say it will, we will do anything to make it right, including up sizing it, changing it out or refunding your money.

6. Performance Guarantee-

If your system doesn't do exactly what we say it will, we will do anything to make it right, including up sizing it, changing it out or refunding your money.

You new electrical systems will be installed property, promptly and under budget. We are your preferred electrical provider. Your new lighting will be bright, safe and will save you money month after month.

In Business Since 1992-

Are you fed up with electricians that are here today and gone tommorrow? Do their warranties exceed the time that they have been in business?

No Show Electrical Lighting Experts

Do you feel frustration when calling your electrician and getting nothing but an answering machine, a beeper or a phone number that rings with no answer. Are you tired of making appointments only to have the electrician not show up to fix your electrical problem.

Are You Concerned About Your Electrical Bills-

Is your monthly utility overpayment lower or higher than you want it to be?

Criminals in Electrical Clothing-

Is the type of person standing at your front door the type of person that you want coming into your home? The type of person you want interacting with your family?

Electrical Sticker Shock-

Does not knowing in advance what the charges are going to be bother you? Are you tired of mystery electrical pricing that always ends up costing more than the electrician said it was going to?

No Light On Service-

Are you tired of listening to false promises and promises of great service, lighting and electrical equipment only to end up with mediocrity here in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County?

Pathetic Performance-

Are you tired of hearing how good your electrician is at diagnosising electrical shorts, but then finding out they charge by the hour and they spend days trying to find the electrical problem at your expense?

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Our primary focus is your convenience and safety. With two hour service windows 6 days a week, no overtime ever, we can meet you at your home at the appointed time for your home plumbing repair. We will meet your time table for your plumbing service, guaranteed.