What Brand of Furnace is Best?

The best brand of furnace is the furnace that is sized correctly and installed correctly to code. The vas majority of heating and air conditioning breakdowns are not from defective equipment, but from defective installation.

It Depends…

We all have favorites. If you want the cheapest furnace there are couple of brands on the market that are for sale for a few hundred dollars cheaper than the other brands on the low end scale. There is a reason for that. They lack the insulation to quiet them down, the burners put out more heat and therefore they need fewer burners. There warranties are not as good and the factory has very little support for the contractors. Over the last decade or so a couple of these companies have given into very long and great sounding warranties. All of “too good to be true” warranties like “99 years” are plays on the English language. Their extended warranties are purchased through a warehousing company back east. These aftermarket warehouse warranty companies typically operate for 6-8 years and then fold up shop claiming bankruptcy only to start up again under another name.

To ensure that you get a great furnace you must have the following performing without regard to brand:

  • Obtain a city permit and obtain a city inspection
  • Have duct testing performed to verify that the ducts are sealed
  • Have a HeatMaxx full system evaluation performed after the installation is installed to ensure that your heater is actually putting put the correct number of btus and that the heat exchanger is not running at elevated temperatures.

We can install any brand you want, but the furnace you will be the happiest with is the one the is sized correctly for your home, makes very little noise, costs the least in initial expense, never breaks down and costs the least amount of money to operate.

And that brand is “Empire”. Call Now.