Common Gas Water Heater Problems
Gas Water Heater Questions and Answers

  • How much does it cost to replace a gas water heater?
  • How much does it cost to service a gas water heater?
  • What is involved in the yearly servicing of a gas water heater?
  • Why won’t the pilot light stay lit?
  • Why does the gas water heater go cold after only a minute?
  • My gas water heater went bad under warranty. Why isn’t it free to install a new one?
  • The gas water heater makes a low rumbling sound. What is this sound?
  • I keep hearing a drip on the burners, but no water is leaking. What is this?
  • What is the anode rod?
  • How often should the anode rod be checked?
  • The temperature pressure relief valve is leaking. Why?
  • The drain valve is leaking. How can I stop it?
  • Do I really need a water heater catch pan under the tank?
  • Does the temperature pressure relief really need to be piped to the outside?
  • Does replacing a gas water heater require a plumbing permit?
  • Should I install an insulating blanket around the tank?
  • How can I get my gas water heater to deliver water to the faucets faster?
  • Should I put a circulating pump on my hot water system?

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