What Does it Cost to Service a Gas Water Heater?

Generally it is a free estimate for us to come to your owner occupied home and check out your water heater. We will open it up and check it out for free provided that you print the coupon out provided on this page. It is a printer friendly .pdf coupon for a free water heater checkup.

What is Included in a Water Heater Checkup?

This is for tank type water heaters only in owner occupied homes. We have a minimum service fee for commercial and landlord tenant or real estate agents. The reason that we have the minimum service is because of the abuse that happens. We have been repeatedly been called out to landlord tenant and real estate transactions only to be left at the door with no one showing up.

Owner Occupied Water Heater Check Up For Free Includes The Following:

All of this is included in our free one time checkup for new or existing clients. After we perform this for you one time we will suggest that you sign up for our Ultimate Service Agreement for $99 and we will perform this and a whole lot more each year for that, but the first time is free and you are under no obligation whatsoever.

Why Are These Gas Water Heater Items Required to be Checked Out?

Up to 30 minutes free labor diagnosing whatever ails your water heater

If you are having a water heater problem we can usually find out what is going wrong and why it went wrong is 15-20 minutes. The reason that I have 30 minutes written down is because I want you to know that if you are not 100% happy and comfortable we everything that we do that you don’t have to pay us a single penny. We are serious about 100% satisfaction Guarantee and if you are not 100% Satisfied I want to know about it so that we don’t repeat the problem again.

Draining the water heater and power flush if needed

A buildup of calcium and mineral deposits on the bottom of the water heater will cause the metal to overheat causing the glass inner liner to crack. Once this is cracked the anode rod helps to protect the water heater tank from rusting through, but the layer of calcium doesn’t allow the anode rod to perform as well as it should. This will lead to a rupture in the water heater tank. Once this calcium is built up and the water heater bursts the warranty on the heater can be voided by the manufacturer due to a lack of maintenance. Save your water heater warranty and have us check it out for you for free.

Removing the anode rod

The anode should be removed after the third year of use and checked every year after that for wear and tear. The anode rod is a usable item that must be serviced. If the tank fails during the warranty period the anode can be checked by the manufacturer and if more than 6 inches of the rod is used up the warranty can be voided for lack of maintenance. Save your water heater warranty and have us check it out for you for free.

Check for gas leaks

This is quick and easy and is a safety check. Gas valves can develop leaks over the years and sometimes the pilot tubing and the main burner tubing can develop leaks as well. These are usually very minor to fix, but can cause major problems if left unchecked. We check all of our water heater connections with a combustible gas leak detector and never with a match or soap bubbles. Soap bubbles on the gas valve to the water heater cause it to corrode and malfunction.

Check for functions water safety shut off valve

If the valve for the water heater is not exercised, opened and closed, on a regular basis it can freeze in the open position. Corrosion can cause the valve to fail. Of course, the only time you would want to use the valve would be when you are changing out the water heater or in an emergency situation. In an emergency it would be terrible not to be able to turn off the water.

Check for proper gas safety shut off valve

We still see gas valves that have springs in them keeping the packing from leaking gas in very old gas valves that should have been changed out years ago. We also see gas valves that cannot be turned off by hand, but require a wrench. Gas valves can have springs in them because as the spring ages it becomes weak and allows gas to escape. All appliance gas valves must be able to be turned off without tools so that they may be quickly isolated in an emergency.

Check for proper venting

Most water heaters have no safety on the venting system at all. If the water heater is spilling carbon monoxide into the home or garage it just keeps spilling. I have seen pets that sleep in the garage die of carbon monoxide poisoning on too many occasions. The vent for the water heater needs to be checked every year at a minimum. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. CO2 attaches itself to the hemoglobin in blood. Our bodies cannot distinguish CO2 from oxygen and therefore we don’t know when CO2 poisoning is occurring. Us and our pets will simply go sleep and not wake up. People rarely die from carbon monoxide poisoning. CO2 is heavier than air and is more difficult to expel from the lungs. Co2 causes suffocation.

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