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There are 3 main manufacturers for wall furnaces. Cozy wall furnaces, Williams wall furnaces and Empire wall furnaces. We are not affiliated with Empire wall furnaces. Every one of the manufacturers requires a yearly inspection of your wall furnace for safety.

What is a Wall Furnace Safety Check Up?

We check for gas leaks, pilot burner problems, venting problems, thermostat problems and cracks in the heat exchanger or firebox. We will clean out the furnace and venting and get your wall furnace in tip top shape for another heating season.

We Repair All Existing Wall Furnace BrandsWall heater repair, free wall heater estimates Wall furnace repair and tune up

It doesn’t matter how old your wall furnace is. It doesn’t matter that the controls for your wall furnace are no longer made. There is a replacement or substitution part on the market that will work. The only part of your older wall furnace that cannot be repaired is the firebox or heat exchanger should it be ruptured.

We Install New Wall Furnaces

We install 25,000 btu wall furnaces, 35,000 btu wall furnaces and 50,000 btu wall furnaces. We normally install the Cozy Brand, but we can get any brand that you wish. We install back wall kits and blowers as well as wall furnaces that have electronic ignition, but most people prefer a plain standing pilot model.

We Install New Wall Furnaces in Bedrooms

Yes, it is code approved to install a normal wall furnace in a bedroom if the room is large enough. If the room is not large enough we can install a direct vent wall furnace that uses outside combustion air.

Typical Wall Furnace Problems We Can Solve For You

  • Banging Noises
  • Pilot Outage Problems
  • Water Intrusion
  • Short Cycling (On-off not reaching temperature)
  • Gas Leaks
  • Thermostat Problems
  • Limit Switch Problems (Tripping)
  • Conversions to a Wall Thermostat

What Happened To The Built In Valve With a Thermostat

  • The wall furnace that used to sold that had a thermostat built into the gas valve is no longer code approved and is no longer manufactured. The reason that it is not code approved is because it did not meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) rules. People in wheelchairs could not reasonably be expected to bend down and turn the valve on and off.
    We can still fix those units as the valves are still manufactured.

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